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Anaesthesia Services

The Department of Anaesthesia, Vaishnavi Hospital provides comprehensive anaesthesia care, which includes preoperative, postoperative, critical care and pain relief services. It functions from a suite of germ free; laminar flow operating theatres equipped with ceiling mounted microprocessor controlled anaesthesia workstations, multiparameter monitors and volumetric infusion devices.

We live in challenging times and fueled by the success of our department and hospital we are now building and expanding our clinical work to teach and train budding anaesthesiologists. In near future we will be recruiting our first batch of DNB students.

Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art, excellent anaesthesia services, pain management and intensive care in the perioperative setting. A work environment of mutual trust, understanding, appreciation and respect between the surgeons and anaesthesiologists is encouraged.

We at the department of Anaesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Surgical Intensive Care, Vaishnavi Hospital tries to bring a positive change in the attitude and perception of the patients entering surgery.

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